TSK in redhat linux not extracting with java binding

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TSK in redhat linux not extracting with java binding

Postby samrajcse » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:45 am

Hi team,

I am trying to extract all the files from E01 files using TSK. I am using java binding from the github. Same code working fine in windows(Using dlls from sourgeforge and 32bit jdk).

Installed the TSK from source file and i am now trying to run the same program to extract E01 files. Here my program gets hang in middle and none of the files are extracted.

Its gets hanged in the below code.
Class name : SleuthkitCase
Method name :initBlackboardAttributeTypes

if (resultSet.getLong(1) == 0) {
connection.executeUpdate(statement, "INSERT INTO blackboard_attribute_types (attribute_type_id, type_name, display_name) VALUES (" + type.getTypeID() + ", '" + type.getLabel() + "', '" + type.getDisplayName() + "')"); //NON-NLS

It hangs in insert statement. I am using Redhat latest version in AWS EC2 and using JDK7 with root permission.

Thanks in advance
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