TSK build on Ubuntu - Error in auto_db.cpp

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TSK build on Ubuntu - Error in auto_db.cpp

Postby @NikolaiHampton » Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:25 am

Hi, building TSK on an Ubuntu (sleuthkit-4.2.0-542-g9f755f2) , I got an error

In the file:

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auto_db.cpp:203:60: error: 'dataSourceId' was not declared in this scope
     return openImageUtf8(a_num, a_images, a_type, a_ssize, dataSourceId);

The declaration refers to a_deviceId not dataSourceId.

In which case, auto_db.cpp:203 should read:
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    return openImageUtf8(a_num, a_images, a_type, a_ssize, a_deviceId);

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