Discuss new features that you would like to see in Autopsy. Consider creating a github issue instead of this forum, as we review those more when adding features and many of the discussions ultimately end up as github issues.

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Postby sleuthkit » Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:24 pm

Historically we've tracked feature requests and bug reports for Autopsy using Github:

Not everyone has a Github account because not everyone is a developer. This forum can be used to discuss issues that are listed on Github or new issues and features all together. To make it easier for the developers to parse what your discussion is about, please follow the guidelines below when starting a discussion.

1) If the discussion is based on an issue in Github, please title the discussion using the issue number (Issue #435) followed by the title in Github.
Example: [Github Issue #435] Add Super Awesome Feature Please!

2) If the discussion is a new feature or bug not reported on Github, please choose a descriptive title using either the [Discuss] meta-tag
Example: [Discuss] Need for Super Awesome Feature

Some one with a Github account can add the request (or you can if you are feeling brave).
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