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0 bytes export

Postby dadeinvestigator » Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:55 am

new to autopsy and have pulled 3 .001 files from some online challenges to import. They import OK and I can analyse them, seeing both deleted and current file names and file sizes.

When I click on the file in file browsing mode I beleive I am meant to see the contents e.g. jpg pic or text for a txt in the window below but I only ever get 'Contents Of File: C:/pocket-tanks.jpg' for example. I can see the hex representation of the files when I click 'report'.

If I try to export the file it shows success but only exports a file size of 0 bytes...

I am running Autopsy 2.24-2 on Kali Linux and accessing the interface using iceweasel (firefox).

Any help appreciated.
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