Autopsy Media Viewer Issue

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Autopsy Media Viewer Issue

Postby Hoyt » Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:31 pm

Windows 7 Professional, sp1, x64
Autopsy 4.0.0
Plugins: Video Triage, MultiContentViewer, SmutDetect4Autopsy, KeywordSearch, RecentActivity, Email Parser, TestNG, ImageGallery,

I'm working a case (1.7TB) involving picture evidence. I opened the case using "Tools > View Images/Videos", which took quite a while to work through the data. I left it to work over a weekend and when I came back, the Image/Video Gallery was blank. I closed that and returned to the Directory Listing tab. Now picture files, when highlighted in the Data Sources or Views nodes, only show up black in the Results node. Thumbnail views works, but the Media tab in the Results node doesn't display the picture file. Further, it doesn't seem to be attempting to do anything when opening"Tools > View Images/Videos". I've tried opening the case using different machines that also have Autopsy 4 installed with the same results.

Any ideas? This is an extremely important case and I'm starting to sweat a little.
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Re: Autopsy Media Viewer Issue

Postby eric.baechle » Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:24 pm


I'm a fellow user of Autopsy 4.0. Have you tried reinstalling Autopsy? I've hit a few snags where some wires got crossed in the program, and the only way I found to uncross them so far was to completely reinstall from scratch.

You can save the case just by moving the directory somewhere outside of the Autopsy Cases folder.

If you found out what caused it already, do you mind replying to this thread?


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