debug log level for Autopsy?

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debug log level for Autopsy?

Postby rpav » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:04 am

Autopsy 3.1.3 64bit on Win 2012 Srv R2:

I use "Add Data Source wizard" to add _really huge_ data source (more then 50 Encase files each of them 10GB).
The Status windows of this process display "...adding: "Backup_all_system/October" (I guess it is name of directory).
Nothing change for more than 20 hours! Process "javaw.exe" consumes 50% of memory and 14% of CPU. But I don't know if it really works or hangs.
Is there any way how to increase log level to be sure add date source process is running correctly?
I try to check AppData/Roaming/autopsy/var/log directory but there is nothing interesting in messages or in other files in this directory.

Thank you for advice!!
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