An Avi Video Recovery with SleuthKit

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Re: An Avi Video Recovery with SleuthKit

Postby mary » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:29 am

miroRR wrote:I wish to provide more information, as I hope this topic can be useful to other newbies to data recovery.

But, even though I am not sure that I can't soon, it is quite likely that it'll take me hours to safely make the trasition like with the g5nCmn, the main case of this topic, also with the other case, the uaCompoVid, that I started mentioning a few posts in this second page of this topic...

And then I have other, non-related work, to do. So probably days before I continue these reports.

I thank everybody for the patience and the lenience, where maybe some lenienve is needed, in minor stretches of my long hauls here, where I drift a little, still kind of within the human side of the topic though, I'd believe...

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