Thunderbird ingestion

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Thunderbird ingestion

Postby dasddd » Fri May 08, 2015 11:50 am


I was trying to ingest a large thunderbird profile from windows machine (cca 15 gb). Autpsy takes a lot of time to analyse the files and after couple of hours does not finish the task but keeps at 100 %. During ingestion only couple of emails are extracted, 33 out of cca 50.000. I kept the task running for couple of hours, but nothing changed and had to shut it down. During process autopsy uses all of the memory cca. 2gb are in use the rest is reserved for the process.

Thunderbird Profile works in Thunderbird.

Is there any log or anything that could help me see where autopsy is stuck or are there some other pointers how to solve mbox ingestion.

Have the latest autopsy 3.1.2 on 64 bit Win machine with 32 bit ram and i7 processor.

Thank you
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