Using Autopsy with Screenreaders (Jaws and NVDA

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Using Autopsy with Screenreaders (Jaws and NVDA

Postby osumartin » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:12 pm

I use a screen reader to access my computer. I am trying to use Autopsy, with my screen reader.
The screen reader I am using is NVDA

I have downloaded the latest version from However Autopsy will not work with my screen reader at all. how do I enable the accessibility functions in Autopsy?

Does Autopsy use the java virtual machine? If yes does it work with the java access bridge?

I am currently running this on windows, is there any information on whether it is more accessible on Kali Linux?
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Re: Using Autopsy with Screenreaders (Jaws and NVDA

Postby Hoyt » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:13 pm

A couple of things...

I don't know if the developers are making use of the access bridge or not. I'm very interested in digital forensics accessibility, so I intend to find out and I'll post my findings here. I personally don't know enough about developing for accessibility yet. It's one of my target goals in my own projects and I'm sure it's one for the Basis team as well.

The second thing is that Autopsy for *NIX systems isn't quite ready yet, but gathering steam just the same. That said, though, accessibility efforts in the GNU/Linux world should be very helpful. Here are a couple of links that illustrate this:


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