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Postby sulekha23 » Thu May 19, 2016 7:10 am

I am trying to convert a xml to csv file leads to failure. I tried with XML Input Stream also.
It’s parsing the file but the output is not found to be what I expected.

I was guessing to have header row and all the appropriate values enclosed with the delimiter.

In the XML Input Stream I checked 2 items.

XML Data name and XML Data Value

The file created is having the above two fields. One as Header and the other as xml tags or values as separate rows in that file.
I want the xml elements as the Header and its value appropriately.

My use case will be getting JMS Messages and need to translate it into csv file before loading into the database.
Inserting or Updating JMS messages to database workings fine. But I am trying to put these xml messages transformed into csv in Hadoop to load that hadoop file into the database.

Any help?
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